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Do you feel difficulties in transporting round or oval products? If yes, we recommend you choose our custom-made wooden saddles for transportation. Eppake designs and manufactures the best quality saddles or cradles for transportation and storage. We are one of the best wooden saddles manufacturers in Delhi NCR – India.

Our custom-made wooden saddles provide extra support to your product during transit and storage. Our premium quality wooden saddles are an ideal choice for boilers, pipes, and other round and oval products. Businesses also use it for products that can’t stand by themselves. 

We serve our customers with utmost dedication, fast delivery for 100 % customer satisfaction. Our provides products like:-

  • Wooden Saddles
  • Plywood saddles
  • Heavy-duty wooden saddles
  • Block type wooden saddles

And more

Get answers to all your queries and take your business to greater heights ONLY WITH US.  Made up of Jungle wood, silver wood, or rubberwood, our wooden saddles are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and designs. We cater to industries like-

  • Heavy-duty machinery industry
  • Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.
  • Automobile 
  • Electronics and communications
  • Mining 
  • Iron & steel 
  • Aerospace

And more

Salient Features Of Wooden Saddles

  • High loading capacity (500-2000KG)
  • Premium quality wood as raw material
  • Use of World-class machinery in manufacturing
  • Easy to use in various working conditions
  • Lightweight yet highly durable in nature
  • High level of water resistance
  • Unbeatable price & best quality

Why Should You Choose Us For Wooden Saddles?

Products Are ISPM 15 Certified ~ Eppake wooden saddles are heat-treated and compliant with ISPM15 standards.  International Standards For Phytosanitary Measure No. 15 is a standard for packaging that mainly focuses on disease and inspects transmission across the boundaries. 

Highly Accurate Dimensions ~ Our team designs wooden saddles based on the dimensions, shape, and weight of the product. We also provide wooden saddles in various dimensions that are ready to ship once you confirm the order. 

The customized wooden saddles are made in such a way that they can handle all types of issues during transport. We consider modes of transport and route while designing the wooden saddles. 

Additional Protection Facility For Enhanced Safety ~ When necessary, you can also ask for extra protection and we provide that.  We put anti-slip mats for displacement prevention. Moreover, we also use protective foams and vibration damping for scratch prevention.

What’s more? We also provide product packaging and unpackaging facilities at your location. 

Long Years Of Experience ~ Eppake was established in 1999 to become a trusted manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of wooden packaging solutions to multiple industries. With our extensive experience in the market, we have made our place as the best wooden saddles manufacturers in Delhi NCR – India

Quality Product At Low Prices ~ Our high-quality wooden saddles cater to the varied requirements of businesses.  The oval frames over the saddles come with a handy shelf in them. Wooden saddles with all these features are available at very reasonable rates.

Want to know more about wooden saddles? Get in touch with our best packaging solutions Delhi NCR experts through email, chat, or call.  Eppake is a reputed name with a pan-India presence for wooden boxes, wooden pallets, wooden crates, wooden drums, and more. 

Get the best quality wooden saddles from Eppake.

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